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To whom it may concern


Marketing experience with Orangina International:

I was involved with the Launch of Orangina in the GCC countries.

In fact the team with whom I was working from Orangina were the Middle East, Africa, Carribbean and South America Regional Manager, the technical team, Marketing team. I was coordinating with the whole Orangina Organization in order to implement and to adapt all the Marketing strategies in my Area.

I was directly reporting to the ME, Af,C & SA Regional Manager.

We together Recruited & evaluated 2 Key bottlers for the Area with the support of the technical dept.

Developped and successfully executed innovative consumer and trade promotions while interacting with advertising and PR agencies on brand / promotion objectives, P.O.S development, media planning, sponsorship evaluation and market research.

Creation of a special 500 ml Glass bulby Bottle for the first time in Orangina story for the Area, the purpose was to push the sales of the 200 ml and to enlarge the range of Orangina's shelf space in order to obtain a maximum of visibility.

My task was to help and support the bottlers and distributors Sales and Marketing organization. I was able for training the sales & merchandisers team and to develop Orangina International policy on the field and conducted several sales & operations training programs. as well as to develop key accounts in coordination with the distributors marketing departments( such as Hotel, leisure park, fast food chain...).

I was responsible for a full spectrum of sales, operations and marketing activities, developped , implemented and monitored a US$ 1 Million annual marketing, communication & media plan(for Saudi) . In fact Orangina and the distributor were working on a shared budget on 50/50 basis.

We both agreed to spend a total budget of US$1 Million for the second year ( for Saudi). This will have to be achieved, based on the total liter volume of 5 000 000 liters.

This budget was also split into categories : 50 % for TV campaign on LBCI, MBC and Future Tv (Satellite) to ensure a whole coverage for the region as well as the Saudi Tv 2 for Saudi as it was our major market.

50 % for Media other than TV such as Radio , Mupies and Magazines, for Consumer promotions following a merchandising plan discussed together with the distributors ( Sampling, tasting, promotions, gifts, POS materials...), Gondola ends ( renting shelf space, off shelf display, flyers, posters...), Shop signs & Visis coolers & Mobiles (Pousse Pousse).


My objectives with Orangina were :

- to make of Orangina a worldwide brand on the orange carbonated soft drink,

- to create awareness among consumers,

- to increase Trial, Demand and Repeat purchase,

- to become the quality reference of the orange soft drink segment,

- to be premium priced,

- to give the required means to build brand visibility in the main outlets especially in the Supermarkets and in the Groceries.

Over 75% of the western region in Saudi were carrying the bulby bottle after 5 months of the launch. Demand were picking up thanks to the daily work of our distributors sales force.

15 million bulby bottles sold for the first year.

If you landed in 97 in Jeddah in any of the terminals you would have seen Orangina selling in all the outlets as the sole Orange Carbonated package product.

That's all. If you need further information, do not hesitate to contact me.



Johny Rahmé

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